2 thoughts on “June 2024 Newsletter

  1. I would like to see recommendations for reasonable house cleaners, handyman etc. It’s not nice being a Senior and getting ripped off.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I agree that sometimes seniors are taken advantage of and this is something we should all try to avoid. In future newsletters we will be providing information on how to select reliable businesses for services needed. May I suggest that you use one of the following to ask of recommendations for reasonable services that people would have experience with and knowledge of:

      Next Door – if you’re not already using this app you can indicate that you want feedback from the Foothills area to localize recommendations

      Facebook – “Yuma East Residents Forum” – if you are not already a member of this Facebook group, request to Join. You can access the Facebook page either through the Facebook app or our website, http://www.yeloa.org.

      Any reference to a business that YELOA would make, either on the website or in the newsletter, would be a list only, with no specific recommendation nor guarantee of service. I feel you would be better served asking directly of residents in the area.

      Thank you again for taking the time to make your valuable comment.

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